Niyel Launches 77 Free Advocacy Tools For Change Creators 

Niyel Launches 77 Free Advocacy Tools For Change Creators 

DAKAR, SenegaI, 06 July 2022 -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Niyel, international, impact-driven campaigns, advocacy and public affairs firm, today launched a robust resource tool called Do Something: 77 tools for change creators. 

Do Something is a collation of expert views in the field of advocacy, within and outside Niyel, assembled in 77 3–5-minute tip-based videos.

Available digitally on YouTubeLinkedIn, TwitterFacebook and Instagram, the highly curated toolbox, compiled by industry experts, provides insight on how to better plan, organize and implement effective advocacy strategies that will bring change.

The value of such a resource for civil society organizations, research institutions, government agencies, grassroots movements and local youth and women’s groups, is to build internal capacities and skills so that they are able to achieve their missions of influencing and creating change to policies and practices in their communities. 

“Change is difficult. Whether personal or at an institutional level, change is not something that happens easily. Yet, change in policies and practices is the primary mission of most non-profit institutions. Through research, communication, mobilization, lobbying and other forms of engagement, different organizations have taken on a clear mandate to engage with communities and policy makers and influence policies and practices. Despite this, very few comprehensive guides are available for organizations learning how to influence or strengthen their impact work,” says Tasha Mills, Director of People and Partnerships at Niyel.

As part of its goal to enhance the advocacy sector through access and expertise, Niyel’s Do Something will be a free digital resource and available in both English and French for any change creators looking to build a better world through impact driven work. 

Antoine Alain Diatta, Senior Creative at Niyel. 

“The use of digital tools such as Do Something, which is readily available on popular social media platforms, drives access to capacity building and essential skills, especially for the African youth,” says Antoine Alain Diatta, Senior Creative at Niyel. 

Looking to advance the work of research institutions, civil society organizations, government agencies, grassroots movements and local youth and women’s groups, A team of team of experts created modules that translate willingness and commitment into effective actionable plans.

One such video titled Marches by American Social Justice Advocate Bryant Warren, explains how to organize a protest march for a social or political cause. This video describes the preliminary steps for organizing effective marches but also the impact that this tactic can have in influencing change.

Additionally, when looking to organize a press conference, communications expert Sabra Saleh, hosts a video on how to organize a press conference. It provides tips on how to do this effectively, identifying the different axes to follow in terms of timing, objectives, and distribution channels. 

Another communications expert, Irmin Durand, hosts a messaging video which gives steps on how to develop clear advocacy messaging, how to craft it and to whom it should be addressed while also answering pivotal questions about what is a good message.   

In order to strengthen peer-to-peer learning and responsive engagement with community partners and policymakers, and improve your impact initiatives, Niyel’s Director of Advocacy and Impact, Laetitia Delaunay Badolo, covers recruitment and training of volunteers to ensure cause and impact align with participation.

The Do Something: 77 tools for change creators videos will be released once a week. Watch the first video here 

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About Niyel

Founded in 2008, Niyel is an international advocacy and campaigning firm based in Dakar, Senegal. It works to promote public policies that are conducive to the development of all people, and to influence practices to ensure that as citizens, individuals and communities, we understand the social, political and cultural issues that affect our daily lives. 

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