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Ethics is at the core of everything we do. Working in a challenging environment means that we always have to do what is right and that integrity must be the cornerstone of our business. Whether it is engaging with journalists, working on stakeholder relations, we behave in a manner consistent with what is moral. 

Our team is a mosaic of people. We come from all corners of the African continent, we bring a variety of languages, backgrounds, experiences, beliefs that make us unique and help us understand the universe in which we evolve both on a professional and personal front.

We love what we do. We love shaping conversations, engaging with the media, promoting our clients’ values and seeing results. We started working in the communications industry in Africa when the rest of the world was qualifying the continent as a “charity case”. It has taken a lot of determination and passion to build the company we’ve built and see the results we’ve seen. We are eager, we love a challenge, we see communications as a necessity in development and we’re proud of our part in advancing the continent. 

Meet the team

Eloïne Barry

Founder & CEO

Nathalie Themistocleous

Public Relations Specialist

Julius Odera

Media & Client Service Director

Amy Minnie

Account Manager

Eric Jonathan Sebgo

Digital & Marketing Manager

Jean-Boris Ake

Design & Marketing Consultant

Mohamed Wilenu

Marketing Assistant

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