KDF helps establish new camp for SNA at Dhobley

KDF helps establish new camp for SNA at Dhobley


MOGADISHU, Somalia, March 23, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Through Sector II Headquarters, KDF under AMISOM has relocated Somalia National Army to a newly established camp within Dhobley town. This is meant to accommodate the big number of SNA soldiers based within the town in line with the Somalia Transitional Plan where Somalia Security Forces are expected to take full control of security mandate of their country upon exit of Amisom forces.

During a visit to the new FOB, Sector II Commander Brigadier Paul Njema was able to offer the SNA leadership tips on how to fortify and set up the base in line with AMISOM best standards. Speaking to the soldiers and the leadership, Brigadier Njema promised to fast-track the provision of the requisite construction materials as part of the wellness programme to ensure the soldiers are secure.

“This is just the beginning of better things to come as AMISOM continues to hand over the security responsibilities to the Somalia National Army. As we continue to set up this camp to accommodate the big number of soldiers deployed here, our key role remains to pacify Somalia from enemy activities across the sector and specifically Gedo, Middle and Lower Juba which is our main area of responsibility,” he said, adding that the camp is strategically placed to enable the soldiers carry out their activities with the support of AMISOM troops as the fight against Al Shabaab continues to gather steam.

“In line with this, we are looking forward to opening up Dhobley-Tabda-Belles Qoqani-Afmadhow main supply route all the way to Kismayu so as to open up the hinterland and bring back normalcy in the day to day activities of the Somali people,” he added.

Speaking during the tour of the camp, the Commander of SNA 43 Brigade Colonel Badal Mohammed Hassan said that the new camp offers them an easy way to account for each of their men since their previous makeshift camp within Dhobely town was insufficient to accommodate all his men making it hard to carry out routine operations. 

“We thank AMISOM for this gesture. On behalf of SNA and my men, we can’t quantify the overwhelming logistical and expert support we continue to get from AMISOM as fronted by Sector II headquarters.” he said

“As we continue to improve this camp, we are looking forward to further engagements with AMISOM to ensure that our soldiers in this camp continue working hand in hand with KDF soldiers in pursuit of peace across the region,” he added. The commander further noted that through joint patrols, the troops will become better skilled and equipped as a mission-ready force.

AMISOM sector II continues to engage SNA and other security forces within the Sector as part of AMISOM’s mandate to provide key leadership and mentorship programs to security forces in Somalia to prepare them to take security their great country.

Distributed by African Media Agency (AMA) on behalf of the AMISOM.

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